Moving Tips For Your Next Move

Are you moving?

Do you have lots of clutter?

Do you need some tips that will help you Move Less Stuff?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to order a copy of Move Less Stuff, a 58 minute instructional CD that will save you time, energy and money on your next move.

Not convinced? Perhaps you need to go into the garage or basement and look at the boxes that you haven't unpacked since your last move. You may save money on packing supplies because these boxes are already packed but think of the extra time and effort it will take to move these boxes once again.

Some people are under the impression that hiring a relocation service will make their move as simple and painless as possible. That may be true for moving day but think of the first day in your new home and looking at those same tired old boxes. How are you supposed to turn over a new leaf when you are lugging around reminders from your past?

Maybe you don't have any unpacked boxes from your last move or maybe you're not even planning a move. It is always a good time to walk through your home and honestly evaluate the usefullness of the items we call our "stuff".


You get the idea. If you are unable to objectively answer these questions then you need help. The kind of help that a Move Less Stuff CD can offer. In just 58 minutes you will receive a motivational coaching session that will help you storm through your house and honestly decide what will stay and what will go. Just think of how much better you will feel not having to look at all those piles of stuff. Plus, if you donate clutter the effects are doubled: you and your karma cup get a shot of positive energy. You have procrastinated long enough, order your Move Less Stuff CD today and start enjoying the benefits of a clutter free home.